Advanced Googling: How to Stop Searching Like a Google Zombie and Transform Google into your Backup Brain, Robot Assistant and Ambient Sidekick

Duration: 90 Minutes
The course provides a concise overview of how to instantly and dramatically improve your Google search skills and find online information on practically any topic - earlier, faster and smarter. Even if you've been Googling many years and think you're search savvy, you'll guaranteed to walk away with scores of practical Google lessons that can be immediately applied, deliver measurable results and serve you forever in both your professional and personal life.
Google Super Searcher
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Objectives of the Presentation
  • Take your online information literacy to the next level
  • Search Google smarter, faster and more effectively
  • Improve how you think, narrow down options, conduct due diligence, make decisions and take action online
  • Recognize Google's key blindspots, biases and preferences
  • Uncover emerging business opportunities in real-time
  • Become a Google super searcher in three easy steps
Why Should you Attend
The course will show you how to:
  • Unlock hidden menus and filters in the Google results page
  • Compose advanced search queries
  • Customize Google for maximum speed and security
  • Uncover 10x more information in a fraction of the time
  • Automate your online research
  • Gather knowledge in 70 languages
  • Tap scores of little-known search Google tools and apps
Areas Covered
  • How to build a deep and solid Google foundation to optimize your online reputation, visibility and security
  • The best browser extensions to improve your Google experience and performance
  • Must-have mobile apps that fully tap Google's vast global brain
  • Interpret Google search results in their proper context
  • How to search Google in multiple dimensions
  • How to automate your online discovery and get Google to deliver information to You
Who will Benefit
Top Executives, Lawyers, Court Reporters, Accountants and Auditors, Bookkeepers and Auditing Clerks, Budget Analysts, Financial Managers, Postsecondary Teachers, Tax Examiners and Collectors, Revenue Agents, Market Research Analysts, Operations Research Analysts, Advertising Sales Agents, Insurance Sales Agents, Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents, Retail,Sales Workers, Sales Engineers, Travel Agents, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers, Computer Hardware Engineers, Software Developers, Reporters, Correspondents and Broadcast News Analysts, Writers and Editors, Art Directors, Architects, Civil Engineers, Engineering Consultants, Chemical Laboratory Personnel, Environmental Scientists, Hazardous Materials Trainers, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Urban and Regional Planners, Chemists and Materials Scientists, Physicians and Surgeons, Optometrists Physician Assistants, Veterinarians, Historians, Microbiologists, Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists, Career and Technical Education Teachers, Librarians, School Teachers Social Workers, General Office Clerks, Information Clerks, Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, Receptionists.

Topic Background
Non-technical, easy-to-understand and fun, the webinar shows you how to mine hundreds of rich content streams in the vast Google universe, and how to interpret all these signals in their proper context. You’ll quickly acquire search superpowers that will take your information literacy to the next level and transform Google into your backup brain, robot assistant and ambient sidekick. If you take only one course on how to self-educate online and master lifelong learning, this is it!
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Instructor Profile:
Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP is an award-winning Internet analyst, author and presenter based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and former Price Waterhouse management consultant.

Garrett's academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA Hons) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree. His professional accreditations include Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) and FITP (FITT International Business Professional).

Garrett has written four books, dozens of e-books and hundreds of articles on Internet strategy and tactics for leading publishers, business clients and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) organizations. His books include World Business (McGraw Hill, New York), How to Conquer the World (Government Institutes, Washington, DC) and Advanced Googling (Google Books, Mountain View, California). His e-books include Advanced Googling for Accountants Parts I, II and III, Google Apps for Accountants, Google Business Tools for Accountants, Google Big Data and Forecasting Tools for Accountants, and Google is Not Enough for Accountants He's published hundreds of articles and columns on Internet search and strategy in scores of leading business publications and newspapers across North America.

Over two decades, Garrett has delivered thousands of presentations on advanced Googling and Internet strategy to hundreds of leading accounting institutes, industry associations, Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, business schools and other legal, medical, engineering, pro sports and executive education organizations worldwide.

Garrett is trusted by the most respected governing bodies which regulate the North American accounting profession and business world today. In the United States, his webinars are approved by NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy). In Canada, his in-person seminars are approved by the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Canada provincial institutes.

Garrett has won numerous awards for his writing, speaking and web design. These include two Price Waterhouse national writing prizes, an Internet World New York public speaking award, and Study Web and ExpoWorld commendations for excellence in developing global trade content for the Internet.

Garrett Wasny is an independent technology advisor who provides objective, unbiased and non-commercial information. He is not affiliated with Google or any other enterprise and receives no commission or compensation of any kind from the entities and companies he reviews in his seminars, webinars and consulting assignments.
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