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  • In this webcast, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, introduces participants to Microsoft Excel dashboards. Dashboard techniques empower users to assimilate large amounts of data quickly and easily by way of charts and summary tables. David explains how to bring data into Excel....
    David H. Ringstrom

    CPA consultant
  • Leading organizations are using metrics to drive decisions around people. But how can we move from measures to analysis? Oftentimes, HR focused metrics fall short of delivering the types of insight business leaders need to drive business impact. This webinar will provide....
    Meloney Sallie Dosunmu

    Chief Talent Officer, Precision Talent International
  • Laboratories that perform cell-based methods must meet stringent GMP guidelines for analytical procedures. In addition, standard operating procedures that specifically address working with cells should be in place to maintain control of a live assay system. GMP inspections....
    Gwendolyn Wise-Blackman

    Manager, Quality Assurance, Analytical Sciences at Salix Pharmaceuticals
  • This course will describe how to evaluate chemical hazards and develop controls to protect workers and the public from the hazard. Additionally, the webinar will discuss the need for OSHA training and present techniques for developing a safety plan that addresses the use of....
    Keith Warwick

    President, Patty & Keith, Inc


by Daniel O'Leary
Duration: 90 Minutes
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

by Teri Morning
Duration: 60 Minutes
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

by Marilyn G. Patterson
Duration: 60 Minutes
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

by Steven Mercatante
Duration: 90 Minutes
Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2017
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by Janette Levey Frisch
Duration: 90 Minutes
On-demand Session

by Linda B Sarabia
Duration: 60 Minutes
On-demand Session

by Cynthia Wallace
Duration: 60 Minutes
On-demand Session

by Bruce E. Buchanan
Duration: 120 Minutes
On-demand Session
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Production and Process Control
Instructor: Daniel O'Leary | Location: Boston, MA | Date: Thursday, 31 August 2017 - Friday, 01 September 2017
Mastering Leadership
Instructor: Christopher R. DeVany | Location: Boston, MA | Date: Thursday, 14 September 2017 - Friday, 15 September 2017
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" Unlike many virtual trainings I've attended, the 'Recruiting for Hard to Fill Positions' Webinar provided viable solutions and resources that I could start using immediately to improve my recruitment process and my approach to passive candidates. "
"I have learned so much during this webinar. It was straight and to the point, very easy to understand. The speaker was able to answer all questions submitted. I would like to see more webinars with 'Jane Tucke'."
"Examples were clear, simple and easy to follow for the time frame. Enjoyed examples that were both medical and non-medical."
"AS a QA Documentation Analyst, I found your webinar on 'Secrets to Writing Effective SOPs' to be very informative learning that I'm sure to benefit from and put into productive use!!"
"One of most comprehensive, relevant webinars I have ever participated in."
"This presentation was the best explanation I have ever received regarding the function of the financial statements and how to glean pertinent ratios to give the reasons for the results of those financial statements."
"I've been adminstering plans for 25 years and this was a good broad based explanation for my new employees."
"Very informative. I learned a lot and cannot wait to implement some of these practices."
"Great Job Vicki. Very informative. I am from Canada. Apart from the compliance slides, the content was relevant for Canada."
"Judi was very informative and explained situations perfectly! I will gladly use these skills moving forward!"
"The information was valuable and the speaker did a great job!"
"Highly useful information regarding the topic. It may have been useful to be able to "print" all Q&A inquiries and not just my own."
"Learned about lean document approach. Plan to use it to make current processes leaner."
"Very informative. the speaker had depth knowledge of subject. Very energetic."
"Lot of material was covered in a straight-forward and direct style. I enjoyed the delivery of the trainer and the clear examples of each topic discussed."
"The Webinar was informative. The speaker was clear in his explanation. It was evident that he knew the material. Use of examples was great."
"Job well done! Very informative!"