Richard T. Balog
Managing Partner - Balog + Tamburri, LLC
Richard T. Balog, CPA/CFF, CIA, CGFM, DACFE is the Managing Partner for the Certified Public Accounting Firm of Balog + Tamburri, LLC. He has been a CPA since 1972.

Mr. Balog is an internationally-recognized seminar leader in providing audit, accounting, finance and business management professional development for over 30 years. He has won awards from The Institute of Internal Auditors and is currently a "Top 50 Small Business Influencer" in the Jacksonville Area.

Mr. Balog was named Outstanding Staff Faculty Member for the IIA. He also served on the professional staff of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) where he helped develop the COSO Structured Framework. In addition, he was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award for his extraordinary contribution to the audit profession. He served as Manager of Internal Audit for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland, and began his career with a national accounting firm.
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Advanced Cost Accounting: Using Product Cost Information As A Strategic Tool
This program cuts to the chase. It introduces an entirely new focus on the typical cost accounting approach. We aimed this program at serious cost professionals who are past the simple labor, material, and overhead variances, and are facing the challenge of identifying and reporting the true cause / effect relationship of the strategic and tactical activities of the company and their impact on the factory floor. If you need to know both the "Why" and the "How Much" of product cost, this is your course. You will gain an overview of Strategic Cost Accounting and how to turn product costing into a strategic weapon!
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