Morris Nunes
Attorney at Morris A. Nunes, P.C
Morris A. Nunes is an attorney in private practice who specializes in representing entities. Mr. Nunes has over 40 years of experience advising privately held businesses, non-profits and trade associations. He has authored six books on business and legal subjects, including Basic Legal Forms for Business and The Right Price for Your Business and Balance Sheet Management. Mr. Nunes is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, its Wharton School of Business, and Georgetown University Law Center. He taught as an Adjunct Professor in both the law school and MBA Program at Georgetown and at Catholic University Law School.
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Who Do You Trust? Combating Insider Fraud, Expense Cheating & Embezzlement
The latest crime statistics (2015) say that employee theft and embezzlement costs businesses and organizations over $50 billion/year, with the median loss above $175,000. The pervasiveness of these crimes demonstrates that no employer is absolutely immune. Those figures do not take into account insider crimes by partners. What can you do to prevent and detect fraud? Join us for a live, interactive 90-minute webinar and discover the answers you can customize to protect yourself and your organization.
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Letters of Intent (LOI's) & Their Cousins: Enforceable For or Against You?
On the spectrum of legal documents between contracts and mere inquiries lies the hazy land occupied by Letters of Intent and similar documents such as Memoranda of Understanding, expressions of intent and other deal-making communications that do not fit all the elements of being a fully enforceable contract. However, in that hazy land, some of those communications may be enforceable some of the time. This webinar will tell participants what to watch out for, so that enforcement is possible only when desirable and avoided when undesirable.
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