Unfair Labor Practices By Employer Sec. 8. (A)

Author: Michael D. Haberman - SPHR
The Unfair labor practices by employer Sec. 8. (a) includes a lot of points like (1) to interfere with, restrain, or force workers in the exercise of the employee rights guaranteed in section 7.
1. Hinder With The Formation Or Direction
To control or hinder with the formation or direction of any labor organization or contribute monetary or other support to it: Provided, That subject to rules and regulations made and published by the Board pursuant to section 6, an employer shall not be forbidden from letting employees to confer with him during working hours without loss of time or wage.
2. Discriminate Against An Employee
To discriminate against an employee because he has filed charges or given testimony under this Act.
3. Decline To Bargain Jointly
To decline to bargain jointly with the representatives of his workers, subject to the requirements of section 9(a) section 159(a).
4. Restrict Workers Against Section 7
Unfair labor practices by labor organization are those that restrict workers in the exercise of the rights assured in section 7 [section 157 of this title.
5. Employer differentiate in violation of subsection (a)
To make an employer differentiate against a worker in violation of subsection (a) or to differentiate against an employee with regards to whom link in such organization has been terminated on grounds other than his failure to carry out the periodic dues and the initiation fees uniformly needed as a condition of retaining membership.
6. To Support Single Individual
To support any individual employed by any person, who is engaged in commerce or in any industry directly affecting commerce to engage in, a strike during the course of his employment to utilize, produce, process, carry, or otherwise handle or work on any goods, materials, articles or commodities or to carry out any services.
7. Pushing Any Employer To Employer Organization
Pushing any employer or self-employed person to connect with any labor or employer organization or to enter into any contract which is forbidden by section 8(e).
8. Forcing A Person To Indulge In Unethical Practices
Forcing any individual to stop using, handling, selling, transporting, or dealing in the products of any other manufacturer, processor, or to cease indulging in business with any other individual, or forcing or necessitating any other employer to bargain with a labor organization as the envoy of his workers except such labor organization has been certified as the agent of such labors under the provisions of section 9.

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