Importance of Behavior Based Safety Program in an organization

Author: Edward Bulakites
Behavior Based Safety is the "application of science of behavior change to real world problems. It is a process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focuses people's attentions and actions on theirs, and others.
Signs that show an organization is not ready for BBS
Here is a list of signs that shows you are not ready for behavior based safety programs in your organization. 1) Control approach to safety 2) distrust for management 3) employees not encouraged to report safety issues 4) reported employee concerns are not responded to promptly 5) punishment for reporting near misses 6) employees told to go back to work with hazards present 7) managers/supervisors don’t follow the rules.
Signs that show an organization is ready for BBS
Below is a list of signs that shows you are ready for behavior based safety programs in your organization. 1) Your employees know it is OK to look for own safety and are expected to do so 2) the “rules” apply to everyone 3) desired behaviors are recognized 4) there is trust and respect.
Successful Behavioral Safety
A behavioural safety program become successful, when everyone’s willing involvement and a high concern are taken into consideration to 'make a difference', in line with a well designed process to suit a company. Merely adopting someone else's process, or going through the motions, does not guarantee results.
Getting ready for Behavioral Safety
Addressing the issues identified from a Readiness Assessment is a 'sure fired' way of getting ready for the introduction of Behavioural Safety. If this route is not for you, then training managers in safety leadership skills will be helpful, as well as addressing issues reported by the workforce or identified from safety management system audits, job safety analyses, or from your incident history could help. One way to get ready is to request the involvement of a journey partner, who can work with your executive leadership team to facilitate behavioral strategies.

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