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  • The Course clarifies the role of the new auditor or internal auditor and explains their responsibilities. The session will also discuss interactions with others in key roles as part of the audit as well as exploring some techniques used in auditing.
    Marie Dorat

    CEO of IPRF, LLC
  • Webinar reviews various elements of the physician employment agreement, focusing on the pitfalls and the problems that can develop when the agreement does not clearly define the relationship, and/or when the parties do not fully understand what is being agreed to. Such items....
    William Mack Copeland

    President, Copeland Law, LLC
  • Government officials require employers to maintain a host of records regarding their employees. Employers keep highly confidential information such as social security numbers, medical information, personnel records. Keeping these records around too long, however, means that bad....
    Susan Fahey Desmond

    Shareholder, Jackson Lewis PC
  • The course will show you how to construct a market based pay system to align rewarding your employees for accomplishment of your company's goals. Reviewing your reward system can be guaranteed to spark a little if not a lot of uncertainty. Employees are understandably....
    Teri Morning

    President and Chief Everything Officer, Teri Morning Enterprises


by Gwendolyn Wise-Blackman
Duration: 60 Minutes
Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015

by Dr Marybeth Regan
Duration: 60 Minutes
Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015

by Kenneth Christie
Duration: 90 Minutes
Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015

by Jim George
Duration: 60 Minutes
Date: Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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"I've been adminstering plans for 25 years and this was a good broad based explanation for my new employees."
"Very informative. I learned a lot and cannot wait to implement some of these practices."
"Great Job Vicki. Very informative. I am from Canada. Apart from the compliance slides, the content was relevant for Canada."
"Judi was very informative and explained situations perfectly! I will gladly use these skills moving forward!"
"The information was valuable and the speaker did a great job!"
"Highly useful information regarding the topic. It may have been useful to be able to "print" all Q&A inquiries and not just my own."
"Learned about lean document approach. Plan to use it to make current processes leaner."
"Very informative. the speaker had depth knowledge of subject. Very energetic."
"Lot of material was covered in a straight-forward and direct style. I enjoyed the delivery of the trainer and the clear examples of each topic discussed."
"The Webinar was informative. The speaker was clear in his explanation. It was evident that he knew the material. Use of examples was great."
"Job well done! Very informative!"