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Online Compliance Panel
"Our mission is to empower compliance professionals through effective online training sessions."
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"I've been adminstering plans for 25 years and this was a good broad based explanation for my new employees."
"Very informative. I learned a lot and cannot wait to implement some of these practices."
"Great Job Vicki. Very informative. I am from Canada. Apart from the compliance slides, the content was relevant for Canada."
"Judi was very informative and explained situations perfectly! I will gladly use these skills moving forward!"
"The information was valuable and the speaker did a great job!"
"Highly useful information regarding the topic. It may have been useful to be able to "print" all Q&A inquiries and not just my own."
"Learned about lean document approach. Plan to use it to make current processes leaner."
"Very informative. the speaker had depth knowledge of subject. Very energetic."
"Lot of material was covered in a straight-forward and direct style. I enjoyed the delivery of the trainer and the clear examples of each topic discussed."
"The Webinar was informative. The speaker was clear in his explanation. It was evident that he knew the material. Use of examples was great."
"Job well done! Very informative!"
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510(k) Submission and Clearance
A premarket notification [510(k)] submission is the most common pathway to market for medical devices including in vitro diagnostic devices. The 510(k) submission is made to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to demonstrate that the subject device (to be marketed) is substantially equivalent (as least as safe and effective) to a legally marketed device (predicate device) as described in 21 CFR 807.92(a)(3).
Question And Answers

1. What is a Predicate Device?

  • "Predicate device" is a legally marketed device for the purposes of determining Substantial Equivalence (SE). The same intended use as the (primary) predicate device; and The same technological characteristics or different technological characteristics that do not raise different questions of safety and effectiveness than the (primary) predicate device.
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