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HR Compliance
  • Successful and efficient companies understand that the human resources function affects an organization’s bottom line in more ways than one. Hence, HR compliance is a necessity especially in today’s legal and competitive workplace. Where a business possesses no clarity of its HR functionalities and services, there are bound to be difficulties. Human Resources compliance is a huge and mandatory process that is bound by a variety of rules and laws. There are many acts to consider including sexual harassment, OSHA, discrimination laws, Fair Labor Standards Act and many more.

    Role of HR Audit
    Today’s competitive and dynamic business arena demands the need for strategic direction and effective administration by its human resource representatives. HR professionals need to conduct periodic investigations and negotiations. Holding vital conversations with internal and external people resources offers a lot of clarity on procedures, resources, tools and processes followed by an organization. Periodically conducted audit helps to identify gaps in compliance with requirements, enhancements necessary in procedures and processes and working swiftly to address gaps. HR audit plays a significant role in making the organization HR compliant all the time.

    Implementing HR Compliance
    Attaining and maintaining compliance are pivotal for an organization’s success. The process must be treated to define group and individual behaviors for ensuring adherence to organization’s applicable policies and laws. HR has the important objective of hiring and retaining individuals with adequate knowledge of specific laws for designing legally conducive internal policies. Execution of these policies is more important and hence effective communication must be reiterated.
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