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HealthCare Compliance
  • However, organizations within this industry are subjected to various other regulatory compliances. The country‚Äôs healthcare industry involves different healthcare players that include pharmacists to players, to patients to insurers. Similarly, it is important for every participant within the industry to adhere to regulatory compliances so as to avoid penalization of all sorts.

    There are many regulations impacting the healthcare industry depending upon if you are private or public company or federal agency. Two important rules of HIPAA emphasize on privacy rule and security rule. Privacy rule is where uses and disclosures of protected health information must be identified and safeguarded from privacy violations of all kinds. The security rule defines technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect availability, integrity and confidentiality of electronically protected health information. Absence to adhere to HIPAA rules results in civil and criminal penalties.

    Compliance refers to the process of meeting expectations of others. It helps healthcare professionals to understand and satisfy expectations of those who pay for services, grant money, regulate industry etc. This system of compliance involves several issues including grant accounting, reimbursement, OSHA and managed care. Due diligence is required to identify and detect law violations. The Health Care Compliance Association or HCCA is a member based organization for compliance professionals in the field of healthcare. The organization works towards compliance standards and ethical practices. It also offers suitable resources for compliance and ethics professionals.

    The objective of HCCA is to be the pre-eminent ethics and compliance organization encouraging perennial integrity and success of organizations globally.
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