Significance and Effects of Culture of Health and Workplace wellness programs

Author: Don R. Powell
Culture of health is defined as “A workplace ecology in which the dynamic relationship between human beings and their work environment nurtures personal and organizational values that support the achievement of a person’s best self while generating exceptional business performance.”
1. Factors influencing Healthy Culture
The four factors affecting the healthy culture and behavior are awareness 5%, skills 25%, motivation 30% and Opportunity 40%.
2. Significance of Culture of Health
Culture of health is important because you can’t change behavior without changing the culture first. It is difficult to grow healthy people without proper ground work. Our behavior, attitude, health status, self-esteem and on-the-job productivity are largely influenced by our co-workers and work-site culture. Companies with a strong culture of health have 3 times the participation rate in their wellness programs.
3. Effects of Culture of Health
The effects of developing wellness programs in organizations generates good health practices among employees and good norms and values that shape moral awareness. Work is seen as helping employees achieve life goals and purposes, talent and expertise recognition. Apart from these there will be tremendous excellence in business performance.
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