Role of HR In Workplace Wellness

Author: Don R. Powell
Human resource Management has a vital role in workplace wellness. It is said that sitting 6+ hours per day makes you 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3 hours per day – even if you exercise. So every organization must make it a point to implement a culture of health.
1. Role of HR Managers
For cultivating wellness culture in an organization, HR managers must provide input for establishing a vision of a healthy organizational culture. Develop a systematic plan of action. Build a strong business case for a healthy culture. Establish a list of criteria for considering strategies. Craft a list of proposed strategies based on the collective input of the group. Research the impact of the proposed strategies by consulting other sites. Develop a list of strategies that meet acceptable criteria. Establish a logical timetable for implementing the strategies and periodically assess the impact of each strategy and revise as necessary.
2. Easy work-time walking/running
For an improved work-time walking/running, experience, the HR management must provide maps to the employees; illustrate walking/jogging paths with signs or arrows. Lunch time and work time must be made flexible to increase the likelihood of physical activity before, during and after work. If there are scope for physical activities there must also be a change area or shower area. Forming a walking/jogging club is the best method for an organized physical activity. Encourage the use of stairways for a person who doesn’t engage in physical activity.
3. Tips to encourage use of staircases
Here are a few innovative ideas to make Stairwells Attractive. Carpeting, motivational posters, picturesque scenery and music could prove to boost the number of workers using the stairways instead of the elevators/lifts.
4. Best practices to boost physical activity
Workplace health promotion could be achieved by encouraging employees to ride bikes to work. Hold an in-service on bike safety, including proper use of helmets. Install bike racks and safe storage. Sponsor a free on-site bicycle tune-up.
5. Wellness programs at workplace
The best wellness programs at the workplace could be holding a Weight Loss Competition like “Biggest Loser” contest and Online Wellness Challenges. At meetings, serve mini-bagels, fresh fruit and bran muffins instead of doughnuts, pastries and cake. Healthy cafeteria choices.
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