6 Effective Procedures to Augment Employment Efficiency

Author: Susan Fahey Desmond
If the individual submits an expression of interest in employment (through the Internet or related electronic data technologies) then he/she is called an applicant. The employer considers the individual for employment in a particular position. The individual’s expression of interest indicates that the individual possesses the basic qualifications for the position; and the individual at no point in the contractor’s selection process prior to receiving an offer of employment from the contractor, alienates himself/ herself from further consideration or otherwise indicates that he or she is no longer interested in the position.
1. Online Recruitment
Unlike the contemporary type of recruiting, online recruiting has got many added advantages. Online recruiting helps to reach larger number of job seekers quickly. Email cuts time from posting to receipt of resumes. Banner ads and company info can be displayed with your job posting at no additional cost. Target your audience by posting on sites used by specific job seekers. Reach job seekers from around the world. Find passive candidates and their websites. Find public info about the candidates. Pros and cons are two sides of any innovation. Beware internet postings can produce a large number of candidates and frequently many more unqualified candidates than traditional advertising. Candidates have access to both the negative and positive press about your company. Disgruntled employees can blog or post negative comments about working for your company.
2. Reviewing Applications and Resumes
Refrain from making broad inferences or forming assumptions based on the information contained in a resume or application. Be on the lookout for red flags, such as: Gaps in time, Job hopping, unanswered questions, and an applicant’s failure to sign or complete an application.
3. Preconceptions to be Avoided
The preconceptions to be avoided while conducting an interview are stereotyping, halo effect, horn effect, contrast effect, similar-to-me error, and use of multiple interviewers.
4. Permissible Pre-Employment Questions
There are certain dos and don’ts in interviewing candidates. The questions that could be asked include, prior employment, reasons for leaving the previous job, perceived strengths and weaknesses of the applicant, reasons for wanting to be employed by this company, questions about work attitudes and work ethics of the applicant. Apart from these, questions could also be asked on the particular background, training and experience of the applicant, references from prior employers and information about how to contact those references, criminal convictions record if relevant and limited (not arrests), prior education, financial status or credit history if relevant and limited (as regulated by the FCRA) and inquiries into an applicant's ability to meet the work hours and schedule.
5. Prohibited Pre-employment Inquiries
There are certain queries which should not be pointed to any candidate. This includes inquiry indicating race or color, any inquiry into foreign addresses that could indicate the applicant’s national origin, request for a birth certificate (except as otherwise required to complete an I-9) or other inquiry indicating age, inquiry into the applicant’s place of birth, or place of birth of the applicant’s spouse or family, inquiry into the sex of the applicant, inquiry indicating religious beliefs or any inquiry into whether the applicant is native born or naturalized or whether their parents are native born or naturalized (subject to the requirements of completing the I-9).
6. Use of Social Media
In a survey conducted by a popular job portal, 45% of participating employers said they use social networking sites to research job candidates. Of this group, 35% rejected potential job candidates because of content they found on their Social Network. Social Networking must be used as a Part of background checking to get info such as education, vacation photos, work history, party photos, career interests, family information, favorite music, blog entries, favorite movies, and links to profiles of friends.

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